Please stand and introduce yourself….

We, us three live in the south east of England, not quite London not quite Kent. We don’t like living here anymore, we however like our flat.

My husband works just out side of London in a good job, we own a car for his commute and occasional food shopping.

I am a stay at home mum or homemaker as some websites class my profession. I have stayed at home because the childcare plus the travel getting to work would wipe out my wage. However coffee mornings, swimming lessons and designer clobber don’t appear in my calendar or on my child we have to go without.

Can’t afford to work and can’t afford to do anything apart from free activities this is not what I signed up for!

We eat budget food, wear charity shop clothing and we are exhausted.

I sound absolutely miserable don’t I? Well I should be upbeat, I have a healthy son, a husband that makes me laugh and flapjacks in the oven.


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