So what can we do then?

The problem with having no money is exactly that, no money. It limits every aspect of your life.

After going through our finances, several things were crossed off the ‘to do list’ this summer.

The car- to save on petrol we are not using it except 2 days out that are planned. 

Using public transport- to travel there and back to the high street will cost £2.80 (oyster card £1.40 for a single bus journey) so for 2 of us it would cost over a fiver… The day trip to London has been cancelled for this reason.

African drumming class only £2- but throw in the bus (too far to walk) to pay for the class beforehand and on the day it ends up costing £7.60. An expensive 45 mins!! 

Swimming- close to £10 for two of us to partake.

Ice cream from the ice cream van is now £2, two adults £4 (we will have a least one got to splash out a little!)

Its just shocking that things that a lot of people don’t even think about can have such an impact. Buses are really expensive for what they are, especially the short journeys.

I suppose what I am saying is that I am now very aware what things cost, working out in the supermarket the cheapest or better value option. Taking the cost of travel into consideration, for instance if I need a birthday card it works out cheaper for me to buy a £2 card from my local shop than travelling to a shopping centre to visit Card Factory. 

So the more companies increase our bills, increase food prices, petrol and people generally taking the piss, the more we are all disappearing into this black hole. 


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