Bread is such a simple thing, you can toast, dunk into hearty soup, blitz to give a crunchy topping to lasagna, clean suede shoes, and help remove a splinter.

With our shrinking budget, buying a loaf in the supermarket is rare- except if its from reduced area at our local Tesco. I buy a couple at around 20p and shove them in the freezer. Looking at the prices they are all over £1, except the budget version and they are not that nice either.

When I did buy bread, I bought Hovis seeded and it was nice, just nice. Nothing brilliant about it, until I got my bread maker, how middle class of me!

My husband ( boyfriend at the time) wanted a bread maker, I said no- an expensive machine that would take up my kitchen! At the time I wasn’t a foodie, wasn’t bothered at all, then we got married and got one though our wedding vouchers ( I even picked one that looked nice as I wasn’t, planning on using it that much!)

Well my life changed, that first loaf was pretty pants, but the second and third were flawless- so delicious! So soon I didn’t buy bread, just made it, pizza dough as well. Garlic pizza bread with garlic butter…. NOM

Well my machine gave up the ghost last month- very noisy, smelly and my loafs can out like bricks, its now languishing at the skip with all the other electrical wants, printers, stereo systems and DVD Players. At over £50 to get it repaired it was something we could not afford, so it had to go.

So I bought cardboard, I mean bread, and remembered how disappointing a shop bough loaf is and shocked how it smelled when it was going off!

So this week I have tried making my own, with hands. Its getting better, the last one I got a ‘umm’ out of my husband at least!

I used a recipe from Good food magazine- so I will post again with links, and possibly a picture!


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