Bread pudding

Bread pudding

Home made bread pudding.

I use Delia Smith recipe from her book Complete Cookery Course’ but the recipe is old as time! My mum said my grandmother use to make lovely bread pudding in the WW2 and I doubt she would use milk, butter and an egg like I do in this recipe.

Recipe as follows- this makes 8 good portions- keep in an air tight container

225g of ANY any bread or a mix (I always save and freeze the ends of bread)

275ml of milk

50g of melted butter

75g or sugar again I’ve used white, brown a mixture of both

2 teaspoons on mixed spice (or just Cinnamon what ever you have knocking around)

1 beaten egg

175 of Mixed fruit (or just raisins)

grated rind of half an orange (bit of a luxury really i don’t always do it)

Grated nutmeg (again no biggie if you haven’t got any or use cinnamon / mixed spice instead)

In a large bowl -Rip the bread to small pieces and add the milk (stir to coat) Leave to soak for a minimum of half an hour- however if any longer pop in the fridge.

The result should be really mushy bread- add everything else in except the grated nutmeg- mix with a fork so there is no more lumps of bread.

Transfer to a greased baking tray- i use a shallow glass roasting bowl with baking paper and oil.

But into the oven at around gas mark 4, 350F /180c for a hour and fifteen. I have noticed it doesn’t actually need that long as mine is thinner, so i would check after 45 mins and judge- you don’t want to cremate it.

Sprinkle witha bit of sugar and the nutmeg

Now you could either have this warm with custard or as i do eat cold (yummy!)

Now as i find with most recipes i always end up tweaking them in regards to what i have, either by the way of ingredients or cooking utensils (and i do have a lot of kitchen crap) so i have really wrote this how i make it – to avoid a ton of washing up basically

Now if i make this to the recipe- the result is divine, but if i don’t it still is pretty moreish- it lasts for about 2 days in my house!!


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