How much!?

I use to love food shopping, cooking, everything to do with food- but in the past year or so, and more now that our budget getting squeezed i am beginning to dislike it.

Yesterday our shop came to £42! Now this was more than what i normally spend but we had the car with us and some vouchers so i wanted to stock up on a few things that otherwise will be a bit cumbersome to bring home with a buggy.

So even though I had a list- some things sneaked on- and i think that is my downfall. Anyway i had £6.50 in Tesco vouchers to spend so that dropped it down to £35.50 and £2 (down from £5!) was on a t’shirt for Blake (poor kid he has about 5 t’shirts and he seems to be wearing the same one in every picture lately)

What really irritates me is that things keep going up in price, and I really don’t see how else we can shave pennies off our bill- especially as we are already buying ‘everyday value items’

I suppose this is what is effecting us more than anything- we don’t drink anymore- though i haven’t tried the cheapest wine Tesco does and no longer do we indulge in chocolate and ‘treats’ as we once did- though the 30p chocolate they do isn’t bad (through not always the dark variety my husband prefers ) Even the deli counter is off limits, olives, smelly cheeses and cured meats is only sampled in the freebies that are placed out.

So where food use to cheer me up- i would love a lightly toasted sandwich filled with pastrami, mayo, mustard, gherkins and salad, with a side order of hand cooked crisps and a glass of Pink Zinfandel…. i now find it a bit of a challenge!

Last week we tried a gorgeous blue brie (i didn’t know you could even get moldy brie!!!) – i didn’t even bother looking at the label or the price anymore- whats the point?


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