So what does Blake eat?

Due to the early rain, our trip with my parents to The Hop Farm in Kent was called off, dad invited us to lunch (win!)

Well we got French stick with prawns in Mary rose sauce (seafood sauce, salad cream and tomato purée basically) salad a Kettle chips ( a lovely treat!) Mum asked “what will Blake eat?”

Well, what will Blake eat? After having a paddy that he kept spitting out food I reverted to jars, I did this for about 3 to 4 months alongside home made food. The only reason I think he ate them was they were no trouble- soft and bland perfect for his sore little mouth.

I have had a horrid time with Blake teething, and another reason food has lost it appeal, nothing like making food for it to be spat out and chucked.

Now Blake eats what we eat in some form another and life is a lot less stressful, he has just started to like rice and prawns so that’s good.

However crusts have recently become his enemy.


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