Home made Indian food

Home made Indian food

Either a Friday or Saturday night I make a dinner just for me and my husband. Nice to have a bit of quality time while we are eating and not trying to entertain Blake at the same time.

Last night I made

Red split lentils with cumin seed Masoor Dal 

Spinach cooked with onions Mughlai saag 

‘dry’ potatoes with ginger and garlic Sookhe aloo

Shop bought onion bhajis- reduced to 63p for 6 in Co-Op

Rice, Mango chutney and a naan.

Now all these recipes are from Madhur Jaffrey and her book Indian Cookery

Now i can’t replicate the recipes here, as it would take for ever!!

Now all of these recipes are very cheap – and the spices are what i have in my store cupboard.

Everything was yummy- the potatoes were my favorite and were very spicy.

Some cheats- i used tinned potatoes at 14p a tin already peeled and cooked they are a steal! I used frozen spinach – again £1 for  1kg of spinach already trimmed and cooked so much easier. I also used ground cumin than seeds, I haven’t got any and won’t be added to the shopping list for a while. Don’t buy supermarkets own spices- look down the Indian or world food aisle- i recently picked up a 100g  bag of Garam masala for 67p down from 97p  compared to a 42g jar at 99p (very quick to see your getting double)

I suppose what i am saying is that you can have a delicious, cheap meal for little money (and make it feel- and also with out meat- meat is far too expensive now.

The dal is going to be stretched with some vegetable stock and an onion to make lunch today- i may add a little chilli!


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