Money, debt…

My first post was about how my husband and I were going to look at debt straight on and see if we could plug the holes. 

Thing is we knew, and we had been trying for a while. 

Thing is i’m not sure how we are going turn things around. The big piece of advice is ‘stop spending’ i’d love to do that, be we don’t do any spending. 

What happens when what you earn goes straight out on bills? What if that wage is actually a very good one but it doesn’t go very far? What do we cut when there is nothing left to cut?






House Insurance

Car insurance

Mobile phone contracts

Credit card payments 

Telephone / broadband

TV license



These are all things that we have to pay for, no Sky, no magazine subscriptions, no new clothes, no coffees, no unplanned trips, no fancy food, no holidays and no life. 

What do we do?

Well we’ve talked so much this week about it all, but no conclusion has been made. I think we are both worried about what could happen. 


Husband gets a better paid job- job hunted every day for the past month and there is very slim pickings 

Husband gets a lower paid job closer so he can use public transport and sell the car. Tempting however travel would still be £100 a month (unless its walk-able) 

We sell everything and move into one of our parents. 

Go abroad.

I get a job- slim pickings, also childcare to consider.

Nothing sounds exactly appealing does it?

So what have we done? Well I am looking for work, so i have applied for JSA and if a I get a job, then we might be entitled to more…? 



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