Pier pressure

When I was at University there was a night club called Pier Pressure and it was on a pier in a seaside town (clever play on words…. Yeah brilliant) However when I was that age I never experienced such a thing, I did what I wanted, I felt strong to say ‘no’.

Since coming clean to our selves about our finances we have found (well more me) pressure to do things.

One thing is my friends up coming wedding, which has coincided  with every one turning 30 (4 of us in total) now its not her fault that happened and if we had been better off its a great year to celebrate! Anyway despite the maid of honor being asked at least a year ago its only been a few weeks since the hen do has been announced.

Due to the late organisation (event in sept but final balance was due last week) the location was booked up, hard to get a large number of people in the same hotel and the price had doubled to £170 for a weekend not including travel.

I was given 3 days to decide in late June weather I could go- I said no, I can’t afford it I said.

Shouldn’t that be the end of it? I don’t want to have keep repeating I can’t afford it, bad enough I’m missing out, to reminded of every time I see people!

Those with money don’t realise what its like when you haven’t got any. That’s what being poor feels like having ‘no’ as your first defense mechanism for everything.

I don’t even what to think about all the costs that the wedding is going to cost us.


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