All quiet on the western front…

I’ve been quiet of late and i apologise. 

I have been applying to DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) for JSA (job seekers allowance) which as i haven’t been in work- as i have been looking after my son- I might not be entitled to anything as i haven’t contributed to the tax years 2010- 2011 and 2011 and 2012. Though as i am receiving child benefit my contributions are being made to my state pension (phew!) 

I have also applied via my local council help with rent  and council tax, but the system to collate evidence seems a bit hit and miss-  they have a ‘secure’ email system so i have to check the message on the laptop, with a password- bit irritating. 

But it doesn’t mean i’ll get anything.

Right now we need help to get out of the financial hole we are in, but when will we get help? when its too late?

I have applied to a few jobs already and the silence and anonymous emails is deafening. I have applied to Asda and Boots via their websites and filled out their tick boxes- i wonder if a human actually checked the responses or was it all algorithms? 





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