Monthly Archives: September 2013

Are we able to dig ourselves out?

After being granted permission to claim JSA and child tax credits we might *just* start clawing our way out.  With Christmas looming – thank god for a win of TK Maxx vouchers and some charity shop shopping Blake will be okay for goodies. He will be on the cusp of 2 then so he won’t […]

Still stuck in the woods

I haven’t posted for a while- things have been happening stopping me from posting.  I have been back and forth to the job center- a bus ride away- but i am able to get JSA and child Tax credits. We had a big sigh of relief here, Hopefully we can start paying off the over […]

Food shopping

I have to plan my food shop- not to the last penny- but i do plan for a week at a time and try and use up what is sitting in the cupboard. This week my shopping bill came to £18- and that included my husbands lunches / snacks. Thing is soon i will have […]

Banana cake

I have made a banana cake after extensive research into finding a recipe that isn’t so artsy farty. That doesn’t include golden syrup, Greek yogurt, 4 bananas (i want to use up a rather sorry looking one), nuts or a decade in the oven. So i found one  Need to sample of course…