Food shopping

I have to plan my food shop- not to the last penny- but i do plan for a week at a time and try and use up what is sitting in the cupboard.

This week my shopping bill came to £18- and that included my husbands lunches / snacks.

Thing is soon i will have to be even stricter on our bill- i don’t know how, as already my trolley is full of Tesco’s ‘everyday value’ items.

However I do follow a fantastic blog where is has had it rough (selling everything and moving into a shared house), and shares her recipes with those on a budget.  The blog has helped me get over my fear of chickpeas and lentils and is a helping hand in this struggling time.


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  1. I’ve been there myself and know how hard it can be living on a budget. I recently discovered the art of “couponing” and ways of getting great deals though.
    We have more of an income now, so our budget is a bit more for 3 adults and a cat. We eat so much better than we used to and still only manage to do about £60 a week down from over £100 worth… that includes cleaners and toiletries too.
    You can also check out this Facebook page:
    But stop by my blog:
    and if you would like any help and tips with saving more, feel free to leave me a message 🙂

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