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Pier pressure

When I was at University there was a night club called Pier Pressure and it was on a pier in a seaside town (clever play on words…. Yeah brilliant) However when I was that age I never experienced such a thing, I did what I wanted, I felt strong to say ‘no’. Since coming clean […]

How much!?

I use to love food shopping, cooking, everything to do with food- but in the past year or so, and more now that our budget getting squeezed i am beginning to dislike it. Yesterday our shop came to £42! Now this was more than what i normally spend but we had the car with us […]

There will a small delay to the current service….

I want to do a post about bread pudding, but can’t find the cable for the camera and as I have no pictures as yet it would be nice to start using an actual camera than the one on my phone. The camera was bought to take pictures of our son Blake, but it’s been […]


Bread is such a simple thing, you can toast, dunk into hearty soup, blitz to give a crunchy topping to lasagna, clean suede shoes, and help remove a splinter. With our shrinking budget, buying a loaf in the supermarket is rare- except if its from reduced area at our local Tesco. I buy a couple […]