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Food shopping

I have to plan my food shop- not to the last penny- but i do plan for a week at a time and try and use up what is sitting in the cupboard. This week my shopping bill came to £18- and that included my husbands lunches / snacks. Thing is soon i will have […]

“The rain is just as wet, when you went to a grammar school. It soaks you to the skin, and your three year old, too.” (TRIGGER WARNING)

Originally posted on JACK MONROE:
I’d like to apologise to anyone I seem to have mortally offended with my apparent ‘conventional attractiveness’ and taste for middle eastern food. In an article published today on ‘Left Futures’, I am apparently ‘middle class’ for ‘not spending the afternoon drinking White Ace and copulating.’ I am often advised…

what is in your trolley?

When we go to the supermarket all we can afford to eat is the supermarkets own brand of goods. Sometimes this one of the most demoralising things of all. No choice but to pick up the cheapest thing, then the panic of when they don’t have it in stock. When sainsburys run out of basic […]

how do we go about this?

Well we’ve talked about selling everything and starting again with a years break at the in laws to save money. Realistically its the only option we have, down sizing doesn’t seem to free up much cash, where ever we are. Ideally we could save over a thousand a month, and within a year have enough […]

Pier pressure

When I was at University there was a night club called Pier Pressure and it was on a pier in a seaside town (clever play on words…. Yeah brilliant) However when I was that age I never experienced such a thing, I did what I wanted, I felt strong to say ‘no’. Since coming clean […]

How much!?

I use to love food shopping, cooking, everything to do with food- but in the past year or so, and more now that our budget getting squeezed i am beginning to dislike it. Yesterday our shop came to £42! Now this was more than what i normally spend but we had the car with us […]

Well your a fucking ray of sunshine!

Sometimes I feel miserable. But this post is going to be a happy one. Despite all the crappy things going on, I have to remember the good that is happening and all the good that’s happened. Blake my son for one, I know I moan at him and tell him no for the hundredth time […]