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It should be simple….

I haven’t posted in a while.  I’m not sure why really, the problems are still here!  I need to get back on it, cook again, blog, make the flat feel cozy and all sorts! Will be back soon promise xx

Are we able to dig ourselves out?

After being granted permission to claim JSA and child tax credits we might *just* start clawing our way out.  With Christmas looming – thank god for a win of TK Maxx vouchers and some charity shop shopping Blake will be okay for goodies. He will be on the cusp of 2 then so he won’t […]

Still stuck in the woods

I haven’t posted for a while- things have been happening stopping me from posting.  I have been back and forth to the job center- a bus ride away- but i am able to get JSA and child Tax credits. We had a big sigh of relief here, Hopefully we can start paying off the over […]

Banana cake

I have made a banana cake after extensive research into finding a recipe that isn’t so artsy farty. That doesn’t include golden syrup, Greek yogurt, 4 bananas (i want to use up a rather sorry looking one), nuts or a decade in the oven. So i found one  Need to sample of course… 

Poverty is a prison.

I was on the bus yesterday on the way to ‘sign on’  (Luxury of getting a bus, being alone and listening to music!)  I was listening to Johnny Cash, now my father use to listen to him a lot but i never use to really listen. Cash traveled to prison to prison in the USA […]

All quiet on the western front…

I’ve been quiet of late and i apologise.  I have been applying to DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) for JSA (job seekers allowance) which as i haven’t been in work- as i have been looking after my son- I might not be entitled to anything as i haven’t contributed to the tax years 2010- […]

Making the decision

My in laws live in Clacton on sea in Essex and bought a new build house there. We were really impressed with everything.  For a while we as a family have realised that owning our own home is not going to happen, our rent takes over 50% of our income and once bills have come […]