I’ve been quiet of late and i apologise.  I have been applying to DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) for JSA (job seekers allowance) which as i haven’t been in work- as i have been looking after my son- I might not be entitled to anything as i haven’t contributed to the tax years 2010- […]

When we go to the supermarket all we can afford to eat is the supermarkets own brand of goods. Sometimes this one of the most demoralising things of all. No choice but to pick up the cheapest thing, then the panic of when they don’t have it in stock. When sainsburys run out of basic […]

Well we’ve talked about selling everything and starting again with a years break at the in laws to save money. Realistically its the only option we have, down sizing doesn’t seem to free up much cash, where ever we are. Ideally we could save over a thousand a month, and within a year have enough […]

My in laws live in Clacton on sea in Essex and bought a new build house there. We were really impressed with everything.  For a while we as a family have realised that owning our own home is not going to happen, our rent takes over 50% of our income and once bills have come […]

When I was at University there was a night club called Pier Pressure and it was on a pier in a seaside town (clever play on words…. Yeah brilliant) However when I was that age I never experienced such a thing, I did what I wanted, I felt strong to say ‘no’. Since coming clean […]

My first post was about how my husband and I were going to look at debt straight on and see if we could plug the holes.  Thing is we knew, and we had been trying for a while.  Thing is i’m not sure how we are going turn things around. The big piece of advice […]

A little while ago, my husband went on a rare night out- after a few beers they left the pub they were in. As they left hubby spotted some ‘matches’ in a large bowl- being the cheeky sod he is he took a rather large handful. Well they weren’t matches they were chilli seeds is […]